• McDermott

    Award for Project “North Rakin B Platform Substructure Fabrication”.
    For over the past 15 years, PT. Chuck Engineering had been supporting McDermott indonesia or globally since Chuck was founded. PT.McDermott Indonesia (PTMI) is a subsidiary of McDermott Incorporated. McDermott International Incorporated is engaged in large business, offshore construction services under J.Ray McDermott, a leading provider of offshore construction services for the oil and gas industry.

  • Saipem

    A long journey sometimes takes time, PT. Chuck Engineering supported Saipem’s project KAOMBO since the beginning until finish. nothing is more satisfying than client’s trust and clients satisfaction.

  • Cladtek

    A long-term relation was conducted with Cladtek Indonesia since the mass production begin to involve in us. Mass production in inconel cladding piping was going thru finishing by our precision machining and strict quality control before delivered.

  • Chevron

    Certificate of CHESM from State Own Oil Company PT CHEVRON Indonesia
    The Contractor Health, Environment and Safety Management (CHESM) Process support the contractor OE management expectation within the common expectation section of the OEMS. CHESM is used to meet the HES element of the Supplier Qualification process for those contractors that are within its scope. The purpose of the CHESM process is to establish clear accountabilities, ensure the active engagement of contractors and provide a consistent program to help eliminate HES incidents and injuries involving contractors.

  • Ohmi Press Works and Forging

    Our global partner that putting their full trust in our machining skill to deliver their over 1 million pin and box ring with high quality.

  • Conoco Philip

    On-Site Cold-cutting service and Flange Facing Machining

  • Wasco Engineering


  • PT. PERTAMINA Indonesia (PERSERO).

    Certification of Assessment from SPT from State Own Oli Company PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) UP II DUMAI for “Refinery Maintenance Services”.

  • MAN TURBO AG Schweiz

    Award from MAN TURBO AG Schweiz for “Cidade De Sao Mateus FPSO Project 312”

  • SMOE Indonesia
  • Sembcorp marine
  • Austin Engineering
  • Toyo Kanetsu Indonesia
  • Bechtel
  • GE Oil and Gas
  • Caterpilar
  • Yinson
  • Yokohama
  • PT PJB
  • Provab
  • NOV
  • Petra
  • VME
  • Bredero shaw
  • Sapura Energy
  • Citra Tubindo
  • Sapura kencana
  • And More....

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