Field Inspection and Alignment

PT. CHUCK provides a wide range of inspection , measurement and alignment services that complement our on-site machining. With perhaps the largest and most diverse assortment of measurement and alignment instrumentation, Chuck is able to guarantee precise location, orientation and size measurements before, during, and after our machining operations. All our measurement equipment and instrumentation is calibrated on a regular basis.
PT. CHUCK experts provide more than just measurement data. Our engineers and technicians have in-depth process knowledge and are trained in the use of advanced laser based measurement equipment and methods. Precision measurement is an important part of repair services/ construction. We have a complete inventory of measurement tools including Laser Tracker CMM, Laser Flatness & Straightness Alignment System, Laser Bore Alignment System, Laser Shaft Alignment System,0 -3000 mm ID and OD Micrometers etc.
  • Coordinate measurement
  • Reverse Engineering and Quality control
  • CAD to Part inspection Roller Alignment
  • Shaft alignment
  • Bore Centreline Alignment
  • Flatness Measurement
  • Straightness Measurement
  • Belt Pulley Alignment
  • Rolls Alignment
  • Parallelism Alignment
  • Distance Measurement
  • Line Laser

PT. Chuck Engineering Batam has been recognised as one of the most reliable fabrication or mechanical machining company for supporting oil and gas industries. 

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