Field Machining Services

Since 2005 Chuck has provided on site machining, and in place machining repair solutions to power plants, pulp and paper mills, ships, factories of all types, refineries, chemical plants and construction sites over Asia. In addition to working directly for producers we also work for OEM, outage, maintenance, general contracting, turbine, and engineering firms. Whether you’re approaching a planned outage, forced outage, require support in a new construction project, or are overwhelmed by demanding emergency outage repairs, we’re ready to provide you with the right on-site machining solution to the problem.

Flange Facing Solutions

Flange Facing helps to keep your plant running efficiently, safely and more environmentally friendly. In-Situ Flange Facers save time and money by doing repairs on-site and In-place. In-Situ Machining is equipped with a full line of flange facers that can handle 0” to 13′ in diameter and larger upon request. We can also provide a wide range of facing related services.
  • Flange facing diameter up to 195”
  • RTJ Flanges
  • Lens Ring Flanges
  • O ring grooves
  • Flange OD/ID machining
  • Valve seats
  • Shells
  • Channel heads
  • Crane pedestal flatness
  • Oval Man way
  • Weld preparation
  • Tube sheet re-facing
  • Heat exchangers
  • Crane Pedestal
  • Line Boring from Dia. 1” to Dia.180”
  • Engine & generator cylinder all type
  • Gear Boxes ,Pump & Journal bearings
  • Stern tubes
  • Rudder bores
  • Pad Eyes and lifting lugs
  • Weld preparation
  • Cracked weld removal
  • Over Head/Vertical Milling 850mm X 4500mm in a single setup
  • Sole Plate : Pumps, Compressors, Electric Motors, Gas Engines, Gear Boxes, Turbine
  • Mill Shafts & Slots, Keyway Cutting and Small Slot Cutting
  • Tube Sheet Partition Grooves
  • Cracked Weld Removal
  • Cold Cutting ranges from 2” to 44” OD
  • Heavy wall cutting
  • Beveling
  • Weld crown reduction and removal
  • Weld excavation
  • Elbow/Tees
  • Taper and reducer fittings
  • Pipe lines
  • Counter bores
  • Nozzles

PT. Chuck Engineering Batam has been recognised as one of the most reliable fabrication or mechanical machining company for supporting oil and gas industries. 

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