Heavy Duty Machining

Chuck offers a whole range of machining services to meet all your diversified industrial needs. Customer requirements are thoroughly analyzed and custom designs are created accordingly. Parts are cut, drawn, drilled, sheared, milled, stamped, punched, rolled and turned to produce the desired structure and finish.

  • Shaft diameters from 1/4 to 10” & shaft lengths up to 21” are attained through our in-line shaft machines.
  • Our vertical lathes can machine up to Dia.150” at height up to 80”.
  • Our Boring machine is capable to boring ,turning and facing Dia. 250”.
  • Milling Up to 230” length in a single set up.

Offshore power equipment, heavy lifting equipments, pipe layered, brake parts, construction parts, conveyors, hydraulic cylinders, are effectively machined through conventional processes. Specializing in complex precision machined components & assemblies. Capabilities include: turning, grinding, drilling, milling, honing, threading & in-house heat treating.

PT. Chuck Engineering Batam has been recognised as one of the most reliable fabrication or mechanical machining company for supporting oil and gas industries. 

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